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HiSHA Board Meeting

Alhamdu-Lillah, following 11 members have joined HiSHA Board to make our community more strengthen with combination of Academia & Industry:
1. Dr. Arifa Bhutto, UoS
2. Dr. Bahwani Shankar, MUET
3. Dr. Hameedullah Kazi, ISRA University
4. Mr. Aamir Sheikh, Gexton
5. Mr. Alamgir Rajab, HeroSoft
6. Mr. Farid Ghori, OCLITS
7. Mr. Hassan Syed, IdeaGist
8. Mr. Jawad Ahmed, BCITS
9. Mr. Khalid Khan, HiAST
10. Mr. Salman Ghouri, Geeksroot
11. Mr. Zeeshan Abro, Verge Systems
May ALLAH give us more success & respect, Aameen!

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