Become HiSHA Member

Who can become HiSHA Member?

  • A business concern or an organization engaged in software development, information technology services and information technology-enabled services.
  • Recognized University or Institute to promote information technology discipline. 
  • Those who has an office of business in Hyderabad & Sindh.

Membership Tenure

  • The membership of HiSHA shall be granted for a period of one year.

Membership Benefits

  • Participation in events & seminars to highlight innovation and talent in Pakistan.
  • Regional & National representation of Hyderabad as top growing IT City.
  • Promotion of Member companies through website and social media.
  • Networking, Visibility & Learning Opportunities of Leading Trends & Technologies in Market.

How to Register?

  • Fill the membership form below.
  • Submit the proof of Taxation Documents.
  • Our representative will contact you through email or phone.

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